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Basic AC/R Electricity and Introduction to Controls: Part 2
  This course covers the basic operation of controls for compressors, pumps and fans including: transformers; starters, contractors, relays; sail switches; clocks and thermostats, low and high pressure controls. A discussion of control systems for basic refrigeration is included.
Course Outline: Download/print this course outline
GOAL: To understand how inductive and resistive loads operate, how and why they are wired into the electrical HVAC/R system for best operation and control.
OBJECTIVES: At the completion of the term, the student will be able to understand an discuss some of the properties of the above subjects, complete a pictorial, and schematic diagrams; recognize standard electrical symbols; demonstrate troubleshooting procedures of the above devices using their multimeter in the hands-on shop sessions. They will build Tec-Cube simulator circuits that demonstrate operation of the above devices; troubleshoot and determine simulator faults introduced by the instructor. They will be able to pass a written exam.